Hotel Altamar


Enjoy the unique sights of our green forests and explore every spot of the map as a hiker.


Lihada – mount Lihas
Duration (hours): 1:50Diff. Level: 1
Mount Kadili – Roubakia – KourveloDuration (hours): 7:30Diff. Level: 2
Kastaniotisa – SimiaDuration (hours): 4:00Diff. Level: 1 Troupi – StrougitsaDuration (hours):3:30Diff. Level: 2
Kourkouli – Mount KsiroDuration (hours): 3:00Diff. Level: 1 Pili – PixariasDuration (hours): 1:45Diff. Level: 1
Drimonas waterfalls – Mount KsiroDuration (hours) 3:30Diff. Level: 1 Vlahia – PixariasDuration (hours): 6:00Diff. Level: 2
Nilea Canyon crossDuration (hours): 2:00Diff. Level: 1