Hotel Altamar

COVID-19. A note from our Hotel management

Altamar Hotel would like to inform you about the measures we take to ensure health and safety in our facilities for our guests. Our staff strictly carries out the cleaning on all of the hotel areas, carefully following the cleaning, hygiene and disinfection protocols as announced on the following site:

We consider that it is highly important to let you know of the measures we take to ensure your health and safety in our hotel.

These protocols include:

  • Regular training of our employees on hygiene issues.
  • Cleaning and disinfection cycles in all areas of our hotel.
  • Placement of hand disinfection devices.
  • Frequent cleaning of areas and surfaces of frequent touch, including corridors, stairs, elevator.

We have also established rules of accommodation so that along with the appropriate hygiene protocols and operating procedures, the well-being of our visitors during their stay with us is ensured.

These rules of stay include:

  • Approaching any interior service area (reception, bar, buffet), we recommend our guests to keep a distance of at least one and a half (1.5) meters away from the next in line person in order of priority.
  • We provide every guest with a face mask, in case of cough and / or sneezing, for use in all common areas of the hotel.
  • The maximum use of our elevators is limited to two adults, with a recommendation for the use of a face mask.
  • We encourage our visitors to contact any member of our team with their suggestions and / or comments that will improve our operation.
  • In order to avoid overcrowding during breakfast, we suggest that each visitor chooses a specific time for their visit to our restaurant.
  • For this year only we recommend check-in time to be moved at 15:00 in order to allow enough time to meticulously clean and prepare your room as well as move the check out time at 11:00 for the same reason.
  • To avoid overcrowding at the reception area, payments should be made during the afternoon and at least one day before your departure.

For the safety of our staff, Altamar Hotel has already taken the following measures:

  • We provided all the necessary protective equipment to every staff member as part of our precaution protocol.
  • We continue to disinfect work surfaces, as well as public and private spaces regularly.
  • We have limited the social distance between employees to 1.5+ meters and staff meetings or gatherings are not recommended.

At Altamar Hotel we take pride in the quality of our services and we wish you enjoy yet another summer with us.